You are an armed Jew. You are a Jew who can shoot.

You are an armed Jew. You are a Jew who can shoot.

Nothing says Never Again like an Armed Jew.

by Daniel Greenfield 

Every single major city in the United States has a Holocaust memorial. But the best memorial for the Holocaust is an Armed Jew.

Memorials have never stopped Nazis. Armed Jews have.

In the Holocaust, being non-threatening stopped being a defense mechanism. The defense mechanism that Jews had developed for centuries of lying low and waiting for it to blow over catastrophically failed.

Those Jews who could fight had a chance at survival. And, even more importantly, they had the opportunity to save their fellow Jews.

The Armed Jew isn’t non-threatening. He lives “Never Again” by being ready to fight back. He doesn’t believe in keeping his mouth shut. He doesn’t think that guns kill rather than people.

He knows that freed people are armed people. And free Jews are armed Jews.

Free people are armed people. Free Jews are armed Jews.

For thousands of years, Jews couldn’t freely practice their religion, work at their chosen professions or defend themselves. There is a plethora of Jewish organizations defending civil rights. They worry about every freedom. Except the freedom of self-defense.

Instead many Jews are active in gun control organizations urging the government to take away their right to defend themselves.

Almost three thousand years ago, long before gun control, the Philistines practiced “spear control” on the Jewish population. "Now there was no smith found throughout all the land of Israel; for the Philistines said: 'Lest the Hebrews make them swords or spears'", the Bible tells us.

The first kingdom of Israel was founded when Shaul and Yonatan, the only men in Israel who still had weapons, rose up against the Philistines. (1 Samuel 13) The story was repeated endless times. When Israel fell, Jews lost the right to defend themselves. They were left helpless in the face of their enemies.

Today, Jews rightly take pride in the armed young men and women of the Israel Defense Forces. But they often forget that they too have the right to defend themselves. Self-defense is not only a right granted to soldiers. It is one of our rights wherever we are. It is the first premise of freedom.

Jews Can Shoot and The Armed Jew Marketplace stand for the reclamation of that most ancient of freedoms. By being an armed Jew, you are striking a blow for the rights of Jews. You are taking back a power that had once seemed forever lost in antiquity. You are taking on the mantle of a Jewish warrior.

Be proud of who you are. Be proud that you can do what your ancestors in ghettoes and concentration camps, on Roman slave barges and in Islamic chains, could never have imagined would be possible again.

You are an armed Jew. You are a Jew who can shoot.

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