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Stay-Armed.com together with Jews Can Shoot believes that staying armed and prepared is crucial, but equally important is spreading the message of what can happen to a disarmed populace. Our history has shown us the dangers of a government with tyrannical goals, and we must ensure that this message is not forgotten.

Every item in our Stay Armed online store serves as a reminder of this message, whether you're wearing it, drinking from it, or writing with it.

Join us in spreading the message of staying armed and prepared.

The Stay Armed Message

Stay-Armed.com and JewsCanShoot.org have taken up the moral imperative to protect the Jewish people from ever being helpless again. Founder Doris Wise's passion to honor her parents and all the survivors, as well as the millions of victims who perished, has driven her to create these platforms. Through Stay Armed's messages and Jews Can Shoot's resources, they aim to empower the Jewish community to defend themselves and ensure their safety.

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